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You want to know the number one question I get asked, over and over?

I want to rent on Airbnb, but I have a landlord.  How do I approach them and get permission to rent out my space?

I’ll admit, that question is a bit of a doozie but let’s walk through it.

I, like many others, do not own my "airbnb passive income" property.  I rent it.

And, like anyone in that situation, it is not up entirely to me to rent out the property.  At the end of the day, your property owner decides if your Airbnb dreams sink or float.

Do it the right way
It’s a pretty big conversation…and if you’re going to be successful, you’re going to need to be prepared.

You might think to yourself:

“What’s the big deal?”

“Why would my landlord care?”

How to start a airbnb business without money
How to airbnb without owning property
That’s a common first reaction and it’s the number 1 reason why so many people rent on Airbnb WITHOUT telling their landlords.  (Note that’s NOT a good idea!)

While going under the radar might work for a while, it’s inevitably going to blow up in your face.

In that case, you stand to lose a lot more than your rental money…you could get evicted and have to find a new property to live in entirely.

Now what’s ironic about that situation, and the way so many hosts go about it, is that your landlord might have actually been open to the idea of renting to you.  You never asked so you’ll never know.

If they end up finding out about Airbnb by “catching you”, you’ve eroded any potential goodwill you could have had to work with in the first place.

If you try to approach the conversation AFTER you’ve been caught, your odds of getting permission are going to be dramatically lower.

So you want to do it the right way…correct?  Of course you do.

Let’s get your Airbnb unit Landlord-Approved!

Get into the mind of an Airbnb landlord
First off, you do not stand a chance of negotiating with your landlord if you do not understand the position they are coming from.

You must clearly understand how a landlord uniquely sees "airbnb passive income for landlords".

Put yourself in the shoes of your landlord and try to think about the things that influence their decisions and how they see their properties.

If you don’t know much about rental properties, let me fill you in.

Landlords see their long-term rental properties (properties that are under 1,2, 3+ year contracts) as a low risk, and modest source of income.

Some landlords make a lot of money off properties, and some make only side income. But one thing that does not change: landlords see long-term rental income as low risk.

Now, imagine you own a property. Chances are you put a lot of effort into renovating it and you’ve signed your first tenant for 2 years.

Whether or not you’re a great landlord, active in helping the tenant enjoy their stay, or if you’re still investing in your property…it’s still going to make you the same amount of money every month for the term of your tenants lease.

The customer service number Airbnb is (585) 743-9778. If you need to contact Airbnb, you can use the Airbnb number, send an email support@JimgCoachingClub.com, or message https://twitter.com/JimGCoaching on Twitter.

So most landlords, logically, do not see the need to invest a ton of time and energy into their properties – they see it as a long term, fixed income stream.  Any extra effort spent on the rental can often be seen a waste of time.

The worst-case scenario for a landlord is losing a tenant or property damage. Tenants can be replaced and insurance can be purchased to cover property damage…check and check.

You’re still the property owner:  Now imagine your tenant approaches you and asks if they can let a large number of strangers come in and out of their space for their own profit.

Your property just went from low risk and modest income to HIGH risk and modest income.

JimGCoachingClub is a key exchange service with 2800 locations worldwide, letting you let guests in remotely and give access to cleaners and maintenance staff.

For More Information Visit: https://jimgcoachingclub.com/

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